Offshore Gambling

Because of the enormous opportunities offered to gamblers and casinos alike, offshore gambling is a popular choice. Online gambling has a long history. It all started in 1990 on Antigua (Barbuda), when online gambling was legalized. This created a huge influx of gamblers from all over the world, including the US. However, the government failed to make online gambling illegal. This was done to address the problems that gambling caused. The Antigua government received a favorable ruling from the WTO on November 10, 2004. The Caribbean government was accused of exporting gambling to the United States. WTO decided that the US government was in violation of GATS (General Agreement in Trade and Services).

Internet gambling offers unprecedented opportunities for gamblers. Offshore gambling is only possible due to the Internet. Online gambling is an extremely lucrative business as it can be run even if a country’s laws prohibit it.

Other recent inventions, including mobile phones and tablet PCs have also helped to promote offshore gambling. This is because it allows people to gamble from anywhere. Conventional gambling requires that gamblers are present at the site. The gambler can play online or offshore gambling from anywhere in the world.

It has become more complex because companies can apply for licenses from different countries, locate servers in other countries, and cater for customers from another country. It is impossible for governments worldwide to control or regulate off-shore gambling due to the variety of legalities.

The market for offshore gambling is now worth over three hundred billion dollars. Twenty billion of these are legal.

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